Renewable Electricity Generation in Africa’s Most Populated Countries


GWh of Electricity Generation from Renewable Energy Sources on the African Continent

New Energy IQ’s recent analysis on the share of electricity capacity from renewable energy sources in global regions broadly indicated that the African region was, along with the Middle East, far behind other regions but that’s not the whole story. In reality, there are several countries whose electricity generation from renewables is increasing rapidly and our latest analysis takes a deeper dive into how the total GWh of renewable electricity generation has trended over the last twenty years within the most populated countries on the continent of Africa. The data, sourced from IRENA, indicates a significant increase in generation over the past decade for countries including Sudan, Nigeria, and South Africa, but as the chart below indicates, Egypt has long benefitted from renewables (solar primarily) and has the highest renewable electricity generation on the continent which has been accelerating over the past five years.


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